2005 Split Rock Conservation Park Fall Fundraiser

Northern Kentucky is developing rapidly and the ultimate cost of that development is in our land and natural resources. Every year more land in our community is swallowed up by the demands of an increasing population. Nearby and convenient access to natural areas where students can safely experience and learn about nature is almost non-existent. Students of all ages need opportunities to explore the outdoors, learn about local biodiversity and gain the experience to make informed decisions for future development. The concept for Split Rock Conservation Park is to utilize the local biodiversity and history as an educational resource and to promote sound conservation practices. Programs and experiences offered by the park will promote outdoor exploration and conservation of natural resources while complementing Kentucky’s educational curriculum standards.

Split Rock is named for the unique glacial formations deposited in the area thousands of years ago. This awesome feature and the beauty and diversity of the surrounding area have been a destination for exploration and wonder for generations. The land is a mosaic of woodlands and meadows surrounded by Woolper Creek and the Ohio River (with an abundant wildlife resource). Archaeological evidence of past cultures gives testament to the rich bounty of this area that has supported human communities and endures today.

We will use the many unique natural features to teach the importance of understanding, conserving and in some cases restoring the local biodiversity. Native grasslands, woodlands, and wetlands will be the focus of innovative educational activities and enhance a learning atmosphere reflective of Kentucky’s rich natural and cultural heritage.